Herd of elephants rush to save defenceless calf from a pack of wild dogs

While the average elephant is something of a gentle giant, that does not stop these creatures from rushing in to help those who are in need. As you might expect, these animals are also especially protective of their babies. The elephants that you are about to meet placed themselves directly in the line of danger and for very good reason.

They were not going to allow any harm to come to their babies. The average animal is typically not going to mess with a fully grown elephant. However, there are some braver animals out there who will launch attacks against the baby calves. Their smaller size and lack of agility makes them a much easier target than their fully grown counterparts, in most instances.

All it takes is one false move for an elephant’s paternal instincts to come to the forefront. This is a lesson that the wild dogs in this story learned quickly. A safari guide captured the moment and this story should serve as a lesson to anyone who is considering messing with an elephant’s babies. This is a classic “mess with the bull and get the horns” moment.

This story took place at South Africa’s Sabi Sands Game Reserve. When Brent the safari guide arrived, he expected to see an all-out brawl between the two parties. The elephants immediately chased the wild dogs and they were not going to tolerate any sort of attacks on their young.

The baby was able to charge with the herd as well. The safari guide says that it was probably unlikely that the wild dogs were truly going to attack. However, the elephants did not know that and the wild dogs never knew what hit them. These animals do not tolerate anyone who even looks like they could be a potential predator and rightfully so.

If you would like to see more of this “confrontation”, be sure to check out the clip below. This is a clip that will definitely touch the hearts of all the parents out there who would do anything to keep their little ones safe. We are happy to see that this situation was able to resolve itself. We would have hated to see what would have happened if the wild dogs had really managed to make the elephants angry! Please share away, everyone.

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