Cat’s best friend passed away, but she still shows up at dog’s window every day looking for him

Gracie the dog and Baby Grey was once great pals. Baby Grey is a kitty and Gracie was a dog but that did not stop them from getting along famously. Their play dates were the stuff of legend. Gracie would wait for Baby Grey to walk over and the two would have all kinds of fun. Sadly, Gracie passed way recently. This left a gaping hole in the life of Baby Grey.

Who would Baby Grey get to play with now? Sadly, she has yet to find a new friend that she likes to play with as much as Gracie. Instead of forgetting about her and moving on, Baby Grey is still waiting for her friend to come back. She returns to the house with the sliding door every day and stares inside. It is as if she thinks that they are hiding her friend from her.

The facial expression is heartbreaking, isn’t it? According to this family, Baby Grey has been known to spend several minutes waiting outside. They say that she will park herself outside of the sliding door for up to 20 minutes at a time.

We just wish that we had some good news to pass along to the poor girl. Gracie’s mother started noticing the visits a couple years ago.

At first, she assumed that it was a phase that Grey would grow out of. After all, she would have to forget her friend eventually, right?The funniest part of all is that that Gracie’s former family has no clue where the cat comes from.

They do not know her actual name either. They simply refer to the cat as Baby Grey. Gracie was actually supposed to keep the yard safe.

The guard dog must have seen something that she liked in Baby Grey, though. The two became friends quickly and to this day, Grey waits for Gracie to come back to her.

Gracie was known to make friends with all sorts of animals in the area but she did not love any of them as much as Baby Grey. This was a connection for the ages and we are sad to see her feeling this way.

Hopefully, Baby Grey is able to heal eventually. In the meantime, this family plans to keep their yard open to her, so that she can heal at her own pace. Seeing animals grieve is never fun but Baby Grey will never truly lose Gracie….as long as she finds a way to keep the memories alive.

Source: The Dodo

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