Police Dog Was Fired For Being ‘Too Friendly’ Gets Perfect New Job

Gavel is a police dog who is experiencing a very unique conundrum. He hails from Queensland, Australia and dreamed of joining the force. Sadly, the puppy was not able to make it through the police academy. While this is certainly a sad occurrence, the reason for the failure is bound to make readers laugh. This dog failed out because he was too friendly for his own good!

You read that right. Poor Gavel just wanted to be a police dog but it turns out that being a police dog just might not be his thing. This is understandable but it does not diminish his level of disappointment.

Since the dog actually hails from a lineage of police dogs, they though that he would be a no brainer selection for the local police force.

Little did they know that this dog simply is not built like that. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. He may have all the desire in the world to become an officer but he is just too nice to pull it off.

Our heart goes out to this poor little guy, all he wanted was to become one of the boys in blue. K-9 officers must keep a stiff upper lip, though.

After all, you can’t have an overly friendly dog messing up a sting operation, can you? That would be more than a little embarrassing, now wouldn’t it?

The dog is very smart but that does not mean that he is cut out to be a police dog. He loves to hang out with new people, though. Surely, there is a task out there for our old friend. Unfortunately, he does not have the aptitude for this one.

The officers were disappointed that they would not be able to spend more time with Gavel. He is kind, easygoing and fun to hang out with. The Governor of Queensland served as Gavel’s foster father. When he and his wife fell head over heels for the pup, they knew what had to be done. They adopted him and he was even given a brand new title.

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Gavel is now known as Queensland’s “Vice-Regal Dog”. This is a fitting title for such a friendly dog. We are glad that he is going to be able to help others, even though he won’t be a part of the police academy. Please share this happy ending with your closest friends and loved ones.


Would-be police dog named Gavel recruited by Government House. www.7News.com.au#7News

Posted by 7 News Brisbane on Monday, February 20, 2017

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