Temperatures In Chicago Are So Cold Right Now That They’re Setting Railroad Tracks On Fire

It is so cold in the midwest right now that forecasters are warning of “life-threatening extreme cold.” During the early Wednesday morning hours, much of the Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois are locked down with these “feels like” temperatures in the -40s, -50s, and even -60s (Fahrenheit) as winds howl out of the west at up to 25mph.

Chicago will likely set a record Wednesday for the coldest day in the city’s history. Sunrise temperatures in the city were -23°F, and high temperatures today were forecast to only reach -14°. The city’s coldest day on record occurred on January 18, 1994, when the high only reached -11°. The city is even setting its railroad tracks on fire so that trains can run on them.

Check out some of these crazy photos going viral on Instagram:

Definitely not ‘t-shirt’ weather

This isn’t true but it’s still funny

This is what ‘The Bean’ looks like

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Photo by ????: @mldsphotography

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Office views

Might need to wash the dishes some other time

It’s so cold they are light railroad tracks on fire

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Chicago is officially at war with winter

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When you spill your coffee

This is too funny

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Gotta stay innovative when its -60 degrees outside

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Frozen bubbles

Lake Michigan looks like the white walkers are coming

It’s so cold that the inside of the windows and doors have ice

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