Dad ‘Rescues’ Dog’s Favorite Toy That Was Left Outside During A Storm

Anyone who has ever had a favorite toy can definitely relate to this story. Lucky the dog had a toy that he loved dearly and he was nearly forced to part with it, until his awesome dad decided to intervene. He’s got a stuffed bear that he does not like to part with, even for a second! Even as Lucky grows older, his attachment to the toy has not decreased at all.

The bear does not even have any stuffing left in it. That does not stop Lucky from taking the little fellow everywhere that he goes. He treasures the bear as if it were his very own child. Sadly, a tragedy nearly took place, a tragedy that would have caused Lucky to be separated from his bear forever. Fortunately, his dad was able to intervene in the nick of time.

Lucky recently went outside to use the restroom before winter storms hit the area. When he did, you know that he took the stuffed bear along for the trip. He lost the toy along the way and was very distressed about the matter. Once the snow finally melted, the bear was found by Lucky’s dad and the animal was in a very sad place.

However, this dad knows just how much Lucky cares about this toy and decided that he was not willing to give up on the matter. He took the remains of the bear back inside. The “rescue” would finally begin in earnest. Dad is a bit of a ham and decided to set up a “recovery room” for the bear, complete with a fake IV drip and hospital bed.

This bear was going to pull through, no matter what! Dad was not about to let the stuffed animal perish on his watch. Although at this point, the bear was a stuffed animal in name only. Laci and Lucky were given the chance to visit the bear in the “hospital” and this is one of the most incredible moments that you are ever going to see.

The look of concern on Lucky’s face is absolutely priceless. The bear made it through the ordeal with flying colors. Now, they are reunited and it feels so good! Thanks to Dad’s help, this bear and his pal will never have to be apart ever again.

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