Coast Guards Spot 14 Dogs On The Verge Of Drowning And Save Them From Hurricane Floodwaters

When natural disasters take place, we must all rally together to help each other out. Hurricane Florence recently touched down in North Carolina and forced a wide range of citizens to evacuate. Unfortunately, this mad dash often causes people to leave their pets behind because they are in a state of panic. These forgotten pets are left with no recourse.

Luckily, there are rescue teams who are willing to step up to the plate and provide the necessary assistance. The United States Coast Guard was responsible for intervening in this situation. They were able to keep several dogs from being swept away by the raging waters. It is believed that at least 14 dogs were saved by the Coast Guard and their efforts deserve recognition.

Four pit bulls and ten beagles were saved. The beagles’ owner was beyond thrilled. Josephine’s trailer was underwater due to the storm. She had no chance of saving her beagles on her own. If the Coast Guard had not sent boats at this time, who knows what would have became of her precious pups? She and her husband were incredibly grateful.

The first boat was able to save the couple but a second boat was needed in order to rescue all of the dogs. The poor pups were crying and yelling for help. The Coast Guard knew that they could not leave the animals behind. The crew worked tirelessly and they were finally able to get all of the beagles into the boat. These Coast Guard members definitely went above and beyond.

One of the crew members even referred to the boat full of beagles in the most glowing terms possible. He said that this was the best day of his life. Isn’t it nice to hear about those who truly love to help others? Some of the silly dogs did not understand what was going on, though. They kept jumping out of the boat to swim in the waist high water!

The Coast Guard members on hand were good sports about the whole thing. They snagged four pit bulls from the neighbor’s residence before they left and all of the dogs were kept safe and sound. There are just some family members who cannot be replaced. Please be sure to share this awesome story with your friends and loved ones as soon as possible. They are definitely going to appreciate this happy ending!

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