Vietnamese Family Creates Mini Crochet Animals That Are So Tiny, They Sit On Your Finger Tip

Arts and crafts allow many of us to enjoy fun hobbies and activities. However, there are those who take to it right away and have a lot of fun and there are those who cannot seem to hack it. We all have that friend who regards arts and crafts with disdain because they struggle to handle it. We all have the friend who seems born to do it also. Take this Vietnamese family for example.

They just be the finest set of crocheters that have ever walked the planet. You will be spellbound when you first take a glance at their work. Their miniature are so impossibly intricate, you won’t even believe your eyes. Can you believe that all it took was some yarn and a few hooks to create some of the most adorable creatures that you will ever see?

We would not believe it ourselves if we did not have the proof right in front of us. Parrots, lions and elephants, oh my! We definitely want a few of us to display in a place of honor in our home as soon as possible. Seeing these animals standing atop a fingertip makes us wonder how they could possibly make such fine crafts. The jealousy is real.

These are impossibly cute. We do not know how anyone could look at these tiny animals without squealing at the top of their lungs. The Japanese refer to these works as Amigurumi. The family that is responsible for these creations has crafted hundreds of them over the years. They have crafted just about animal that anyone could ever possibly think of.

That means that there is definitely something for everyone. They have a website and an Etsy page for all those who are looking for the right animals for them. If you loved what you saw here (and who wouldn’t?), you are sure to enjoy the range of selection that this family has to offer. These are some of the most unique pieces that we have ever had the chance to lay eyes on.

Whether you would like a frog, fox or puppy, this family has got you covered. We are particularly partial to the family of penguins that is on display. They would look great in our living room! Be sure to pass this story along to your closest friends and loved ones so that they can also take a look.

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