People Were Creeped Out After This Deep-Sea Creature Washed Up On The Beach

Creatures of the sea give us a great deal of anxiety. After all, once you are out on the water…you are essentially on their turf. What are we supposed to do when these fearsome creatures end up washing up on land, though? It can be tough to figure out a plan. Texas beach visitors were recently forced to experience these difficulties firsthand.

When this strange looking animal washed up on the shore, no one seemed to know what it was. For those who find themselves a tad bit afraid of the creatures that lurk below the surface, this was a major wake up call. We do not like to think about the icky creatures that are waiting for us beneath the depths. A story like this will definitely have you questioning whether you are ready to swim in the ocean again.

So what in the heck was this thing? Edie came across the creature during a morning treasure hunt and was immediately intrigued. The lips looked much like a human’s. The bumpy skin and massive eyes only served to make the creature look more distinct. Edie has been coming to the beach for some time now and had still never seen a creature that looked quite like this one.

Perhaps they came from the black lagoon? Or maybe they are here to conduct a hostile takeover? Even park rangers who saw photos of the creature found themselves completely stumped. Padre Island National Seashore’s experts were contacted at this time. At long last, they were able to put an end to the mystery that had bedeviled so many others.

The creature in question is actually known as a thick tailed batfish. These creatures live much deeper in the ocean than many of their counterparts. This is the part of the ocean where things truly start to become strange. Once you make it past 600 feet, there is no telling what the heck you are going to find down there. We’ll pass.

They have large eyes because they live the majority of their life in total darkness. This makes it easier for them to spot predators. We do not know about the rest of you but we are getting tired of seeing animals like these coming out of the ocean. Whoever this fellow is, he needs to go back to where he came from. This guy is giving us the heebie jeebies!

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