Family Buries Their Cat, Two Days Later The Exact Same Cat Shows Up On Their Doorstep

We feel sorry for any child that is forced to bury their best pal. Sadly, this is the experience that the boy in this story was forced to endure. If you have ever had to bury a pet of your own, you can probably relate to what this young man had to go through. Willow the cat’s story comes with quite a twist, though. You will not believe this story until you have read it for yourself.

The Robinson family loved Willow very much but the cat ended up getting scared away because of a storm. They tried their very best to look for her. Buddy and Josh were her young companions and the two boys were worried sick about their pal. The family tried everything. They put up posters around the neighborhood and they were praying that someone was able to spot her in the storm.

When they found a dead cat close to their home, they immediately believed the worst. The family gave the cat a memorial service and tried their best to move on with their lives. As you may have expected, everyone was fairly distraught. This is where the story takes a twist that no one could have ever possibly saw coming. We were flabbergasted.

As it turns out, this well meaning family had actually buried the wrong cat! Willow came prancing home a few days later as if nothing had happened at all. Anyone who has ever owned a cat who likes to roam can certainly relate to this moment. They like to simply stroll back home like nothing has happened at all and you were not worried sick about them.

In this case, we are sure that this family would be willing to make an exception. Willow the cat is now back home, safe and sound. The family is laughing off their wrongful burial and looking at the bright side. At least the other cat was given a nice send off in the meantime? What happened to the other animal is definitely unfortunate.

The Robinson family was able to make it through this ordeal without any further issues. They are sad for the cat who passed away but they are grateful that Willow came home. We sure do hope that she stays put the next time a major storm takes place. No family deserves to go through these sorts of problems and we wish them (and Willow) all of the best.

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