Cyclist Finds Wounded Dog On The Side Of Road And Gives Him A Piggyback Ride To New Life

Every iconic couple has a storybook moment that they can look back upon as one of the bedrock moments of their partnership. For Jarrett Little and one special Great Dane mix, it was when they first met. Jarrett has been cycling for some time now but he never thought that this form of exercise would lead to a connection like this one. It all started when Jarrett came upon a five month old puppy while cycling in small town Georgia.

The poor puppy had clearly been through quite the ordeal and had the fractures and rashes to prove it. Jarrett sensed that the animal was unable to walk. At this point in time, the best option that Jarrett could think of was to give the injured dog a piggyback ride home. It was a harrowing seven mile ride back into Columbus, Ohio, but our friend managed to hang on for dear life for the entire journey.

This is where the story takes an interesting twist. Jarrett and a fellow ride had already discussed adoption plans for the puppy. They were on their way to the vet’s office for some much needed assistance when they stopped at a local shop. What started as a necessary food and water break for the puppy turned out to the beginning of a lifelong connection.

Andrea just happened to be in the shop when Jarrett arrived because she was in town for a business trip. It was love at first sight and it was clear as day to see that Andrea and the puppy were meant for one another. He was renamed Columbo and once she heard his tale, she knew that she had to adopt the dog right then and there.

Columbo was checked out by local vets and plans were made to ship him back to her home in Maine. It took some time before he was cleared to travel but he was eventually taken to Maine in a van with a group called Canine Freedom Transportation. He now gets to spend his days running and playing on a horse farm. Columbo has also struck up a friendship with Andrea’s son Chris.

Those who would like to know more about the continuing adventures of Columbo are welcome to visit his Facebook page. If not for Jarrett’s thoughtfulness, who knows how this story might have ended? Thanks to him, everyone now gets to live happily ever after.

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