Woman Brings Sick Dog To Groomers And Never Comes Back For Him

The woman in the title was something out of a bad Coen Brothers knockoff movie. She came into the groomer’s wearing an eye patch and if that weren’t enough, her ginger locks would make her incredibly easy to pick out of any police lineup. When she brought her senior bulldog in for a scheduled appointment, everything seemed to be on the up and up.

Her listed name at the groomer’s was Melanie (who knows how truthful this is?) and the dog’s name was William Katz. The dog was covered in sores that were immediately evident as soon as the staff began the grooming process. He also had several infections. The staff did their best to make “William” more comfortable in the meantime. He was bathed with medicated shampoo and this seemed to ease his scratching quite a bit.

Melanie, on the other hand, had her own plans. Several hours passed and it was obvious that she was never going to come back for the dog. William spent the night at the facility and animal control was contacted in the morning. All efforts at finding the woman proved to be futile. The information was false and the grooming staff decided to step in to provide him with a place to stay in the meantime.

William Katz has turned out to be one heck of a house guest. He walks around in a staff T-shirt that makes him look like one of the gang. He’s also a natural born showman who can’t resist hamming it up for everyone that he comes across. All it takes are some scratches behind the ears, a few belly rubs and some snacks and he is in hog heaven.

The senior is not much on running around outdoors but does enjoy spending time outside if bribed. He will soon be transferred to Long Island Bulldog Rescue and from there, he begins his true quest for a forever home. William is going to receive the surgery that he needs so that he can finally learn what it is like to live pain free.

In the meantime, he is going to need to find a forever home as well. The MSPCA is encouraging anyone with information about the woman who left William behind to step forward. Anyone with serious interest in adopting William is urged to contact the good people at Long Island Bulldog Rescue today.

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