Someone Cut Off This Kitten’s Ears And Tail – So Someone Made Her New Ones

This kitten’s name is Karma and while no one knows her precise origin story, it is safe to say that she was always destined for greatness. The stray was rescued and brought to Humane Society Silicon Valley. The staff could tell that she had already been through quite a lot during her short life span. When she arrived, her tail and ears had both been removed.

How could someone ever do something so despicable to an innocent kitten? While her wounds had healed, she was still very distrustful of all humans. The party responsible has yet to be identified but at least Karma is now safe. Once she was placed with a loving foster family, she began to realize that people were worth trusting again. In time, she opened up and developed a close bond with her foster mother.

The rescuers had to think of some clever ways to get Karma’s attention, though. One of the volunteers came up with a brilliant idea. She knit the kitten her own special hat with ears attached so that she could finally know what it was like to resemble all of the other kittens. This was not the ending to Karma’s story, though.

At this time, she was also able to find a forever home that she could call her own. Karma has been through more than the average rescue cat and she is now privileged to have a permanent mother. Her new mom loves her very much. What a perfect end to a story that could have turned out to be far more sad.

Stories like this one remind us all that there are a multitude of animals out there who experience the same sort of harsh realities. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people believe that they are entitled to hurt animals. There are precious few instances where those who partake in animal abuse are made to suffer any sort of real consequences.

That’s why fostering a shelter pet can be so important. The transition that Karma was able to make never would have taken place without a foster family’s help. Be sure to find out everything that you need to know so that you can assist shelter pets like Karma in your area. All it takes is one phone call to your local shelter to potentially change the life of an adorable stray forever.

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