Woman Is Baffled Post Office Won’t Hand Over Package Addressed To Her Dog

Chaya may have a sweet face but she was recently the catalyst for a bureaucratic incident that has many scratching their heads. What could have possibly happened? How would this adorable pup end up embroiled in such controversy? The whole hullabaloo started over a simple gift package. Friends of Chaya’s family sent them that was addressed to her.

Funny enough, right? This is a simple joke that has been made thousands of times. The family lives in Sweden and the package was sent by friends overseas. When Chaya’s mother Marie went to the post office to pick up the package, they ran into a unique problem. They needed to see Chaya’s ID before they would let Marie take the package home with her.

Of course, this posed quite the issue. Chaya was unable to produce said identification. This left her family and the post office at an impasse. The dog would also need to provide a signature as well. Otherwise, the package was going to remain in the care of the post office. Marie decided to head home in the meantime. She believed she was in possession of paperwork that would put an end to this predicament.

However, the post office still remained unswayed when she produced documentation that proved Chaya belonged to her. The paperwork she offered proved to be enough to fulfill the ID requirements but there was still one main issue…..Chaya’s signature. At long last, the post office devised a perfect solution to the problem that was taking place.

They grabbed an ink pad and the dog’s paw was placed on top. From there, Chaya was finally able to offer her John Hancock so that the package could come home. You would think that this would have been a funny story for the post office staff but the matter was treated with the utmost level of seriousness. All of that just so they could take one lousy package home.

At least Chaya was able to open her gift at long last. Her friends from across the pond had shipped her a water fountain toy. Government agencies like these have certain rules that they must follow. This may have been annoying in the moment but all’s well that ends well, eh? Absurd tales like these definitely need to be shared so that your friends and loved ones can share in the laughter, too!

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