Dog Was Abandoned Just Because Her Parents Had A Baby And They Didn’t Need ‘Practice’ Anymore

This story began at the Jefferson County SPCA on a Saturday morning. Nicki was waiting to head inside and spied a cute dachshund sitting by the entrance. She was there to drop off a local stray that she had come across. When she asked the man who was waiting by the door with the dachshund if he was there for the same purpose, he told her that he was giving up the dog for a different reason.

As it turns out, his wife was having a child. The man looked sad about this turn of events. He asked Nicki if she would be willing to take the dog. While she already had two large dogs at her home that needed to be taken care of, she readily agreed. The small, timid dog was not going to do very well in a shelter environment and Nicki knew that she had to step in.

Apparently, the couple that was giving Dotty away had only gotten the dog as “practice”. This is a common step that couples take so that they can find out more about their level of readiness to have a child. We certainly commend them for being thoughtful about the prospect of raising a baby but we are not quite sure why poor Dotty was forced to pay the price.

As soon as Dotty’s owners drove off, the poor little pup started to shake and tremble. Nicki knew that she needed to make sure that the dog was able to feel safe. Dotty refused her leash and in order to get her back to the car, Nicki had to carry her. She renamed her Molly and planned on serving as a foster parent until she could find a proper home for her.

Nicki video chatted with her husband on the way home and he was none too pleased by this decision. He was stationed in Fort Drum plus Nicki had just brought home a German shepherd recently. Molly was afraid of the larger dogs when she first arrived but soon realized that there was nothing to fear. Nicki’s husband was also won over by the dog almost immediately.

The couple does not plan on having any children and they now view Molly as their child. The two even decided to stage an announcement to let the world know about the new addition to their family. Molly is no longer a foster baby. She is a full fledged member of the family and she will never have to be left in front of a shelter again. To keep up with her exploits, follow her loved ones on Instagram.

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