Dog Can’t Believe His Family Got A New Puppy Without Asking Him First

Kevin enjoys the attention that he gets from his family. He got all of the attention for four years but that has recently changed.

The dog is the pet of Carleigh Johnson Stroup and her husband. They have been a very tight family for the four years that they lived together.

“Kevin is so sweet and loving,” Stroup told The Dodo. “We can never lay down without him immediately laying down with one of us.”

Kevin was the dog that was ruling the roost but that has recently changed.

Stroup and her husband made a decision a few weeks ago that changed things. They got a new dog, Lyle and the little puppy has changed the entire dynamics of the household.

The funny thing is, they didn’t ask Kevin about it.

Although Kevin was used to an easy-going life at home, that time had passed. The little puppy was rambunctious and the house was never the same afterward.

At first, you could tell that Kevin was not happy about the decision.

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Posted by Carleigh Johnson Stroup on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

“That’s absolutely his signature, ‘What. Have. You. Done.’ face,” Stroup said.

Sorry Kevin, welcome to your new life

Even though the puppy is the “absolute opposite of Kevin” he loves his big brother.

“He only wants to go where Kevin goes,” Stroup said. “He’s just absolutely obsessed with him.”

Kevin no longer gets the nap time that he wants alone. Now he has his little friend with him all of the time.

Stroop knew that it would take some time for Kevin to get used to the new arrangement but now he loves his little buddy.

“Even after all of Lyle’s attempts at ruining Kevin’s peace and quiet, they’ve become inseparable,” Stroup said. “Kevin appreciates having a brother to hang out with when we are gone.”

The puppy will likely mellow over time and Kevin will get to enjoy his peaceful home again.

The parents have a lot of love and affection for both of them, and Kevin still enjoys plenty of it.

At least all’s well that ends well.

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