Great Dane Throws Adorable Tantrum When Owner Refuses To Share His Sandwich

Anyone who has ever had a dog of their own can certainly relate to the annoyance of trying to eat when they are around. Dogs are excellent beggars and they have a way of making us feel bad about eating the food we bought and paid for. These animals are such mooches but we cannot help but to feel sorry for them sometimes. It’s hard to say no to those sad eyes.

Everyone who does not have a dog always swears up and down that they would not feed them “people food”. This is easier said than done, though. It is easy to say no when the option is not being presented to you. Once we take our dogs home with us, reality sets in and it become much harder to turn them away. Holding a dog to the right standards is not always simple.

It all starts innocently enough. A few table scraps here and there never hurt anyone, right? Before long, your pooch is expecting you to fix them a plate as soon as you set the table. Dinky is a Great Dane who has figured out the secret to getting lots and lots of free food. We are jealous of him, on the lowest of keys. He’s figured out one of the most important life hacks.

He’s realized that the begging can get annoying. That’s why he is putting a whole new spin on the proceedings and leaning on his sense of humor instead. His owner is not about to give up a bite of his sandwich but this does not deter the pooch in the slightest. Dinky is going to get something to eat and he will stop at nothing.

We cannot stop laughing at his antics and you will have a hard time holding in your chuckles, too. Dinky did not even eat his own dinner and still thinks that he is getting some of his dad’s. He does not care about the fairness of this behavior. He is going to remain persistent until he gets exactly what he wants. There are other dogs present but they are far more patient than this fella.

Those who watch the clip in its entirety are going to be surprised by what happens…..that is, if they do not have pets of their own at home. For those who already have beggar dogs to contend with at their house, this video is definitely going to be par for the course.

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