Woman’s Cat Went Missing Over A Decade Ago – Gets A Call From The Vet She’ll Never Forget

Cats are incredible when it comes to finding their way back home. Many cat owners have experienced the annoyance that takes place when they decide to take off and then saunter back in a few hours later like nothing happened. Owners who are concerned about these occurrences are asked to place the pet’s litter box and food dish on the porch.

This is what lets the animals successfully find their way back home. They are guided by the scent. Janet Adamowicz lost her cat this way back in 2005. Her precious Boo took off one day and she was never able to find the animal again. Even though she took all of the proper steps to locate the animal, she had no luck. Eventually, she moved on and got another pet.

While the newer pets that she took home allowed her to move on from Boo, she could never forget her old friend and hoped that they could be reunited someday. After a decade had passed, she started to come to terms with the fact that Boo had probably moved onto a better place. She never could have possibly could have expected what would happen next.

She got the most shocking phone call. Janet was contacted by a vet’s office close by. A woman found Boo by her home and brought the cat in for help. Janet did not know what to make of the call and didn’t put it all together initially. Her two cats were home with her and right by her side. Who was this mystery cat that she was being told about?

Tessie and Ollie were confused, too. They had a sibling this whole time? Finally, the vet let her know that Boo’s microchip was still intact. This was her lost cat, without a doubt. Thanks to that microchip, the two were reunited at long last. She was five years old when she first got away from her mother’s clutches. Take a moment to do the math on that one!

Boo is a proper old lady now. The 17 year old cat still recognized her mother, too. We have no idea how she survived this long or how she still knew her mother. This is one amazing reunion that you will want to share with all of your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible. Hopefully, Janet and Boo will never, ever have to be apart again.

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