Heartbreaking Footage Show Blind Elephant Crying Over The Loss Of Her Best Friend

Workers at the Save Elephant Foundation were able to witness a very bittersweet moment recently. When Mae Perm passed away, everyone experienced a great deal of sadness. Lek Chailert founded the sanctuary and she was the first elephant that had been rescued. She had been living at this location since 1992, so everyone had become very attached to her.

While the humans were dealing with their own grief, the other animals were in a similar state of sorrow. Her best friend Joika was chief among them. They have spent 17 years living together. In fact, those who know them best say that they were inseparable. Mae Perm eventually passed due to natural causes. This was of little solace to her good friend.

The sanctuary workers wanted to make sure that Joika would have the chance to grieve in peace. They knew that the blind elephant would be saddened by the loss. She was given all of the time that she needed to say goodbye to her pal. Joika spent six hours paying her final respects. A video was taken of these moments and we are doing our best not to burst into tears right now.

She could not eat and she would not leave her friend’s side. Eventually, she had to be lured away from Mae Perm, so that the elephant could be placed in her final resting area. As soon as the body was moved, Joika knew what had happened. She came over to the workers to make sure that everything was going as planned. The painful moans she let out are too much to bear.

These stories just go to show that animals experience grief on a very deep level. The workers are going to do their best to make sure that the animal is able to make it through this difficult time. We wish her all of the best and hope that Mae Perm is resting in peace. This is one of the most emotional moments that she has borne witness to in some time.

If this moment touched your heart, please do not hesitate to pass it along to your friends and loved ones. All of the animal lovers in the world will want to see this clip for themselves. Hopefully, Joika is eventually able to get over the passing of her very close friend. We know that she is hurting right now, though. Please take a moment to share!

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