Pit Bulls Left To Die In Abandoned Home Wag Their Tails When They See Rescuers

The fact that someone would abandon an innocent animal does not make any sense to us. These animals do not ask anything of us. In fact, those who decide to adopt animals are the ones who are making a pact. The dogs and cats that end up abandoned because someone did not want to take care of them did not ask to be taken in. That’s what makes these types of stories so baffling.

These two pitbulls are a prime example. Someone decided that they did not want to care for them anymore and so they left them inside of an abandoned home. Fortunately, some rescuers came along before it was too late. Otherwise, these dogs would have been in truly dire straits. The house that they were staying in was not exactly the epitome of paradise, either.

From the looks of it, the residence had not been cleaned up in some time. The pitbulls were not being fed either. The dogs looked to be very sad by the time the rescuers arrived. Pitbulls may have a reputation for being a more angry breed but that does not mean that they do not have feelings at all. They had started barking inside of the home they were trapped in.

The rescuers were summoned by concerned neighbors who were looking to help them out. Florida of Guardians of Rescue was contacted and Frankie arrived soon after. He recorded what was taking place inside of the home. As you can imagine, the footage was quite sad. The dogs were simply happy to be around human beings again. It had been so long since they had any form of interaction with others.

Frankie is simply glad that they were able to arrive on the scene before anything bad happened to the dogs. We concur. The dogs have since been renamed Sky and Max. At the present time, they are residing in a foster home. In time, they will be ready to live in their very own forever home. While this is a better ending than anyone could have ever expected, it is still disconcerting.

People need to stop taking on the responsibility of pet ownership if they are not going to live up to it. There is no reason for these dogs to have been abandoned like this. This kind of behavior is not excusable for any reason. Please be sure to share this story to raise awareness.

We got a call today about 2 dogs left behind in an abandoned house. When we got there this is what we saw ….the living conditions were terrible and the dogs were living in filth! All alone just waiting…and waiting.

Posted by Guardians of Rescue on Saturday, October 3, 2015

You can check out Guardians of Rescue’s video on Facebook.

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