Real-Life ‘Noah’s Ark’ Saves Hundreds Of Animals In A Converted Bus

Tony Alsup is a true Good Samaritan. In fact, his good deeds are so prolific, this term hardly feels appropriate. It is easier to compare him to Noah, quite frankly. This man hails from Greenback, Tennessee. He does not rely on a boat to collect two of every animal, though. He has a large van that has been converted, allowing him to provide even more space to animals in need.

Tony prides himself on assisting animals that are in need, heading to areas that are experiencing severe weather. If a natural disaster is taking place and animals are being left behind, Tony’s there in a flash. While animal shelters try their best to help out, their space is limited. Unfortunately, there are always animals who are going to be left behind as a result.

When South Carolina was in the midst of severe weather conditions last year, Tony did not hesitate to make the trip. Hurricane Florence was slated to pummel the area. He wanted to make sure that the animals were provided with the help that they needed. Thanks to his efforts, over 60 animals were saved. He took responsibility for over 50 dogs and at least 11 cats.

He does not look for credit for his work either. He is content to remain in the background. Tony does not mind paying for all of the fuel that is necessary for the task. Hurricane Harvey was his first crusade. He bought the bus on the spot and went down to Texas to see what he could do. “I’ll just go buy a bus,” he said at the time and this was a prophetic statement.

Tony does not take the animals home with him. He simply transports them from cities without shelter space. He locates shelters that have the ability to help out and acts accordingly. Animals who were adversely affected by Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma also received a rescue from Noah, oops, we mean Tony! Shelter workers say that he always takes the animals that are struggling most.

In a Facebook post, Saint Frances Animal Shelter said that he takes “the ones no one else will ever take”. He does not discriminate at all. He is one of the kindest men that we have ever seen. If you are impressed with his efforts as we are, please take a moment to share this incredible story with your closest friends and loved ones.

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