Heartbreaking Video Shows Dog Running After Owner Thinking They Were Just ‘Playing A Game’

People who willfully abandon their pets truly break our hearts. How can people be this ruthless and mean to animals who they promised to provide with a home? When a pet is adopted, this is not a decision that should be made lightly. It is a lifetime responsibility and should be treated as such at all times. This is especially true for dogs.

Dogs are the most loyal creatures that ever walked the planet. When they are taken in by their owners, they develop bonds that cannot be broken for any reason. They do not understand why they are being abandoned and it hurts our hearts to see it take place. That is what makes this particular video so tough to watch. This poor dog did not even that they were being abandoned.

They assumed that the owner dropped them off and that they were playing a game. Even when the owner tries their absolute best to drive away, the poor pooch still follows. This California man thought that he was going to dump the dog off on an abandoned stretch of road. We cannot believe this man’s level of audacity. Just take the dog to a shelter if you cannot care for them anymore, you monster.

The man probably wasn’t expecting the dog to try so hard to stay in his good graces. He probably wasn’t expecting for someone to be on hand to film him, either. We are glad that this scofflaw was caught in the act, though. People like this need to be taught a serious lesson about how to treat their pets. We cannot even begin to imagine what the dog was thinking at the time.

You can tell that he is baffled by what is taking place. He is chasing after the car as if his owner simply “forgot” to put him back inside. Stephen Sage Silver took the video clip and he says that people were even hitting the dog when he approached. Kern County Animal Services is currently investigating this matter and they want answers.

Gone are the days when animals could be abused and abandoned like this without any sort of serious consequence. The video below is a heartbreaking clip to watch. We hope that our readers are willing to share away, so that awareness can be raised about the deplorable treatments like this one are receiving. Hopefully, this man is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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