Parents Surprised Their Son With Shelter Puppy After Their Dog Passed Away

Stray Rescue of St. Louis recently received a special visitor. When this family came to the shelter with their son, they had a major surprise in store for him. Their dog had passed away and as far as the son knew, they were simply stopping by Stray Rescue of St. Louis to provide some much needed donations. He had no idea what was about to happen next.

The son did not know that the family had already adopted a new puppy. This trip to the shelter was not just to drop off donation. They were about to add a new member to their brood. At first, it is obvious that the boy has no idea what is going on. If they are just dropping off donations, then why do they have to wait in the hallway? Finally, two staffers approach him.

They are carrying the most adorable puppy in their arms. He is baffled. He does not understand what is taking place. Finally, he looks to his father and asks if the dog is actually his. Dad gives the confirmation he was looking for. When Dad apologizes for having to spring the surprise on him like this, things start to get pretty emotional.

If we had to guess, the boy will probably be able to forgive his dad for what has taken place pretty quickly. Laying an old friend to rest could not have been easy for the little boy. As anyone knows, saying goodbye to a childhood pet is one of the most difficult things for a kid to go through. He is keeping a brave face, though.

This family came in with donations after their family dog passed away. What they didn't tell their son was they also adopted a puppy and surprised him. Grab the kleenex! ❤️????????

Posted by Stray Rescue of St. Louis on Sunday, February 3, 2019

Now, he is going to have a new friend to spend time with. This is the sort of video that will cause you to blubber like a baby, so be sure to keep the Kleenex on hand until it is over. Kudos to this family for being able to keep a surprise this big under wraps for this long.

If this was our son, we would have had a tough time keeping this from him for the duration of the car ride. While he was probably taken aback at first, we are sure that he got over it quickly. A cute little puppy has a way of making us forget about whatever ails us. Did you love this clip as much as we did? Be sure to pass it along to your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible!

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