Kate Moss’s Gorgeous Daughter Is 16 Looks Just Like Her Mom

Want to feel old? British model and fashion icon Kate Moss gave birth to her daughter Lila Grace back in September 2002, and now, Lila is 16-years-old! Kate Moss maintained her daughter’s privacy for years, but then backed down after Lila announced that she wanted to become a model herself.

“I loved going to watch her on shoots,” Lila told Allure back in 2018. “I think because I’ve seen it since I was so small, it’s always been an interest. When I did my first modeling shoot. I was like, ‘Yeah I enjoyed it. I want to do more!’”

Lila celebrated her 16th birthday in 2018, and Kate has lightened her protectiveness a bit ever since. Now they are regularly seen at parties and fashion functions together. And the comments are the same: Kate has passed on her genes to her daughter.

Lila was born at the peak of Kate’s career. She didn’t maintain a relationship with publisher Jefferson Hack, Lila’s father, choosing instead to raise Lila mostly on her own.

Kate’s world was a mass of modeling gigs, public appearances, scandals with the paparazzi, and even a brief stint in rehab. But Kate soon returned to the covers of magazines and runways, all while carefully protecting Lila’s safety and privacy.

But on June 21, 2019, things changed when mother and daughter attended the Dior Homme menswear spring/summer fashion show together.

Grown-up Lila is the spitting image of her mother, having inherited Kate’s trademark pout, figure, and honey-colored waves.

Lila even looks like a model when she’s not on the job in front of a camera, and it seems the world is paying attention. The teen is already the face of Marc Jacobs beauty and has been signed to her mother’s own modeling agency, the Kate Moss Agency.

Lila also goes by the last name “Moss” instead of her birth name Hack. The name Moss is naturally fashion gold, and will no doubt open doors for the up and coming model.

Lila has always sought her mother’s approval, and Kate has always given it to her.

 Lila recalled a time when she was younger, saying, “I remember the first time I put mascara on I was really embarrassed. I went downstairs and [my mom] was like, ‘Do you have mascara on?’ I was like, ‘No!’”

Lila continued with a giggle, “and we went back and forth like that a few times until I was like, ‘Okay fine.’ She was like, ‘It looks good!’”

Lila’s passion for fashion began at 13 when she appeared on the cover of Italian Vogue with her mom. Then in 2017, Lila managed to get the advertising campaign for The Braid Bar, which was followed by a signed contract with Marc Jacobs later in 2018.

“Lila’s beauty, composure, patience, and kindness made this project even more special than I could have imagined,” Marc Jacobs wrote in a post on her personal Instagram account. Mischa Joslin who is the managing director of marketing agency East of Eden, has even stated that Lila could easily earn her first million by the age of 18 – watch out Kylie Jenner, you might have competition for the title of youngest “self-made” billionaire.

In addition to a blossoming modeling career, Lila’s social life is also following suit. The teen celebrated her 16th birthday on a boat in a “mystery location,” with her mother Kate, actress and model Sadie Frost, and Frost’s daughter Iris Law, according to reports by the Daily Mail. Just one month after that, Lila was among those invited to the royal wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank in Windsor, England.

Looking forward to seeing what this young Moss does in the world of fashion.

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