This Labrador’s Rescue Of A Baby Calf Is Just Too Cute

This baby calf was caught outside in the freezing cold and the prognosis seemed grim. Little did this baby that they had a special savior in their corner, ready and waiting to help out. Bosko is the Labrador retriever who came across the baby during their hour of need. The calf was found on the owner’s ranch and was eventually taken inside.

As for Bosko, he was not going to leave the calf’s side, no matter what. Even when the baby was brought inside by the owner to warm up, Bosko came along. Oakenboken is the Reddit user who is responsible for sharing this story. They are letting the world know about this dog’s kindness and we are definitely here for it. As for the calf, he was renamed Zeke.

From the looks of it, Zeke and Bosko have become fast friends. Zeke’s mother was simply not able to provide him with the proper care. That is why he was forced to turn to this farmer and his pup. The calf was barely breathing when he was found. This family decided to bring him inside and wrap him up in lots of blankets to keep him warm.

It took four hours to restore his body’s natural level of warmth. After a while, he began to stabilize and move around in his normal fashion. Bosko made sure to stand watch over Zeke for the entire duration. Even when his condition started to improve, Bosko still would not leave his side. This is one loyal and dedicated dog, that is for sure.

Bosko’s brother Duke also remained by the calf’s side. Once Bosko was ready to go to sleep, he took on the next shift. It took three days but Zeke was finally able to get up and eat without experiencing any issues. Within six months, he experienced a full recovery and was back to running around with all of the other calves on the property.

This is the type of story that truly warms the heart, doesn’t it? In a world where animals are regularly left to fend for themselves, it is great to see Bosko and Duke going above and beyond like this. They were not about to let any harm come his way. Please be sure to pass this awesome story along to your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible. They are sure to appreciate it.

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