Man Rescues A Stray Dog And Helps Him Transform Back Into His Normal Self

When Rico was on his way home from work one day, he never could have expected what he would find. It was a routine trip that would end up changing his entire life. The Bali resident was making his way back to his residence when he saw a dog that happened to be lying in the middle of the road. The poor animal was clearly emaciated and she had lost much of her fur.

While she is a Siberian Husky, Rico had no idea when he first found her. She had lost too much fur for him to be able to tell what breed she was. The animal looked to be on the brink of death but Rico was not about to leave her behind. He knew that he had to help her out right away. Time was of the essence and if he did not help, who else would?

As someone with multiple rescue dogs back home, Rico definitely related to the old girl. He decided that he would give her a new name: Hope. This name was fitting because of her very striking eyes. Even after everything that she had been through, they still shone bright blue. Once she was taken home, Rico started the process of nursing her back to health.

Medicated baths were given, to help her hair grow back. She was given plenty of food and this allowed her to gain back all of the weight that she had lost. As time passed, Hope started to revert to the dog that she was supposed to be all along. In other words, she actually looked like a Siberian Husky once again! She was almost unrecognizable.

This story is a testament to the power of the healing touch. All it takes is one person who is willing to go above and beyond to change the life of an animal forever. Now that she is all better, Rico has decided that he is going to keep Hope forever. How could he possibly let her go? She has been through so much and he is her savior.

Stories like these do not come along every day. That is why this tale needs to be shared with a much wider audience. We would like to take this time to wish Rico and Hope all of the best going forward. This is one duo that deserves all of the happiness.

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