Mom Invents Seatbelt Cover That Alerts Emergency Services To Medical Conditions

As my mother once said to a teenaged me during an argument about curfew, “Of course I’m always going to worry. I’m your mother, it’s my job.” 

From the time that we’re born, our mothers are our own superheroes who will always worry about us and do their best to keep us safe no matter what. That’s why it’s easy to understand how Natalie Bell, a mother of five from Victoria, Australia, came up with an item that would give her daughter the best chance for help, should she ever find herself in a car accident. The mother wanted to ensure that first responders would be aware of her child’s medical information, should she not be able to pass on the information herself. 

You see, Natalie’s daughter has a cochlear implant. Natalie made her a personalized seat belt cover which reads, “I am deaf I have a cochlear implant No MRI.”

Natalie shared her potentially life-saving creation to her Facebook page Personalised by Nat, and since sharing, she has been flooded with requests for similar covers which cost AUD $15 (USD $10). 

When she shared her idea, she wrote, “I always wonder what would happen if I was in a car accident with my daughter in the car and I was unable to let the doctors know that my daughter could not have an MRI due to having a cochlear implant. Now I don’t need to worry about that with these seat belt covers. These can be made for any special needs that the medical team will need to know if you are unable to tell them.” 

Natalie told FEMAIL that she’s been “overwhelmed” by the interest shown in her idea, saying, “These children might have a medical bracelet but those are quite small. So I thought this is something emergency services would notice straight away.” 

Since sharing, Natalie’s post has received 757,000 shares along with 205,000 likes.

One person even commented, “THAT IS THE BEST NEWS I HAVE HEARD FOR ALL WEEK Whoever designed these needs nominated for some kind of a Special Award ! It is Awesome!!”

A second wrote, “My husband is part of Fire and Rescue and said that this is a brilliant idea. Such a valuable piece that provides a lot of information clearly so that personal involved can approach situations with knowledge and care. Brilliant idea.” 

While a third added, “That is absolutely brilliant, I applaud whomever came up with that idea. I’ve known people with special needs children and the kids can often times have difficulty with strangers, even if it’s someone trying to help. This certainly can help put a parents mind at ease.” 

There have been a steady stream of requests for children, as well as adult seat belt covers. Natalie has said she can personalize the covers to suite a person’s specific medical needs, but has written on her website, “Please expect 2-4 weeks delay in shipping for this product due to high demand!” 

If you or someone you know would be interested in a medical seat belt cover, you can visit her website here.

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