Senior Saint Bernard Survives For 2 Weeks Alone In The Snow

Azure Davis and her dog were on the way to becoming the best of friends, so you can imagine how she felt when the animal went missing. It is one of the most powerless feelings in the world and anyone who has ever had to hunt for a lost pet can definitely to Azure’s sadness. Old Lady was lost and she needed to be found before it was too late. The poor Saint Bernard had vanished into the Minnesota wilderness.

As the founder of Ruff Start Rescue, Davis had not spent much time with the dog. However, she knew enough about the senior dog to know that the animal would be intimidated. She’s a timid dog by nature and her coat does not allow her to survive such temperatures. Old Lady had been living at a puppy mill until she and 400 other dogs were recently rescued.

Sadly, the dog became spooked just as she was being taken to her new home. The sound of the crunching ice scared the skittish animal and she took off running immediately. The Retrievers were contacted and this organization was happy to help Davis find Old Lady. Sadly, the initial search parties were unable to locate the dog and came back with no clues.

However, a couple of close calls made the team believe that they might be onto something after all. Days passed but the dog would not come out of hiding. On a certain level, it was kind of impressive. No one could have ever expected this dog to survive for as long as she did. Even at her advanced age, she is still strong and speedy.

The temperatures had fallen well below zero and the rescue team was getting worried. Deep down, they felt as if the dog’s time had already run out. Fortunately, they finally got the call that they were waiting for. The dog’s leash had gotten snagged on some branches. This allowed a man and his grandson to find her while walking through the woods.

The dog was brought back to the foster home and Davis is glad that she is safe. The poor pup somehow survived the brisk winter chill for over two weeks. This is a level of resilience that no one knew the dog had in her. If you would like to help other dogs who are in need, please be sure to offer a timely donation to the good folks at Ruff Start Rescue.

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