Special Needs Kitten Was Going To Be Put Down Just Because He ‘Looked Different’

When Cricket was first born, the breeder that was responsible for his birth had planned to sell his off, just like all of the others. However, the cat’s crooked jaw, missing eye and cleft lip had that task impossible. Since the breeder was afraid that her reputation would be damaged by selling an “imperfect” animal, Cricket’s days were numbered.

The breeder let a friend know that they planned to kill Cricket. The concerned friend decided to intervene and try to help the poor little fellow. Megan Boehm may not have known much about the cat at the time but when she heard about these plans, she knew that she needed to step up to the plate. Without her assistance, who knows what would become of Cricket?

The breeder decided to let Megan take him home and she was now the proud owner of a new fur baby. Megan could not let the kitten die just because he was different. It was love at first sight but Cricket was going to need a lot of help. He had been left to his own devices for far too long. He was very malnourished as a result and he would need to be watched closely.

It only took a few days of tender, loving care before the cat began to heal. Megan took Cricket to the vet’s office and was told that he was going to be just fine. As it turns out, all he really needed was a little love. He is right at home and ever since he has arrived, his new mother says that all he wants to do is snuggle with her.

Animals like Cricket are neglected on a daily basis and in most instances, they are tossed out aside without so much as a second thought. Thanks to Megan’s help, Cricket will now have the chance to enjoy the life that he deserves. She does not notice the differences and she treats him in the same way that she would any other cat.

He might not look like the others and yet, he is still incredibly adorable. Life has a funny way of putting us in the exact positions that we need to be in. Thankfully, Cricket was able to find the home that was right for him before it was too late. We wish these two all of the best going forward.

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