Stray Dogs Rush Up To Teens And Ask Them To Help Save Their Drowning Friend In An Old Pool

Trevor Costelloe is known to many as a YouTube video blogger. He loves urban explorations and loves to share his adventures with his growing audience. He likes to spend time in various abandoned structures in the San Diego area, where he is from. One of his more recent videos had an unexpected twist, though. This February encounter did not go in the usual manner.

Instead of capturing some quick footage and taking off, Trevor and his buddy Dave ran into some new friends that would need their help. This story unfolded at a water park that had been abandoned in the area.

When the boy and his friend first made their way to the park, they assumed that they were completely alone. Little did they know that they had some company.

They ran into some dogs who were definitely trying to get their attention. From the looks of it, the dogs required their help. The boys were not about to let any harm come their way.

They did not know what the dogs wanted but they knew that they had to intervene as quickly as possible. The boys were led to a pool by the dogs and they immediately realized what was wrong.

A third dog was stuck inside of the pool and could not free themselves. If the boys were not willing to help, the animal was not going to be able to keep themselves afloat for much longer.

Trevor and Dave did not waste any time. It took a few moments for the boys to get a proper grip but they were eventually able to lift the animal up out of the water.

If these boys had not come along when they did, the dog likely would have died. This is definitely a case of being in the right place at the right time. Trevor says that they were barely able to save the dog.

These young heroes arrived in the very nick of time. We are just glad that they got there when they did. Otherwise, this story could have had a very sad ending.

One of the dogs even thanked the boys for all of their help. Of course, Trevor was sure to post the rescue clip on his YouTube page. The video went viral almost immediately and now we are able to watch this amazing rescue any time that we want. Please be sure to share away, people!

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