Teen Stands Up To Woman Bullying ‘Stinky’ Guide Dog And Man with Disabilities

Kids often get a bad rap, especially teenagers. Teenagers are viewed as being surly, obsessive about their smartphones and unwilling to care about the problems of others. This story goes a long way towards disproving this all too common notion. New Taipei City bus riders were given quite the show recently when one special teen stuck up for the victims of bullying.

A blind man made his way onto the bus one day and his guide dog was in tow. One passenger on the bus decided that they needed to make an objection. According to one woman, the dog was simply too smelly to ride the bus with them. She even pleaded with the driver to let her open some windows. When he refused, she began to berate him even more loudly.

Why someone would feel the need to carry on like this is beyond our comprehension. Mr. Lan is the blind man in question and he says the dog is not smelly. He attempted to explain himself to the woman but she did not want to listen to reason. She simply wanted someone to go off on and the man told her that she needed to leave the driver alone.

Mr. Lan was willing to take the brunt of her criticism. A high school student finally decided that he had enough of her cruel and obnoxious behavior. He elected to take a vote to find out if any of the other passengers felt the same way as she did. Wouldn’t you know it, there was no one else who wanted to stand beside her during her craziness.

This was a well behaved dog who did not smell in the slightest. There was no reason for this woman to act so abominably. Once the teen took the vote, the woman knew that no one was on her side. At that point, she was forced to exit the bus in shame. Bullies always clam up once they realize that they are all alone with their bad opinions and foul behavior.

Mr. Lan says that these stories are emblematic of the proper treatment of the blind. He wants the atmosphere to become friendlier, so that more blind people are willing to come out and mingle. If you would like to see a video re-enactment of the aforementioned incident, take a moment to check out the link below.

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