This Company Makes Matching Hawaiian Shirts For You And Your Pup

Now that summer has arrived, we can put away the thoughts of snow and cold weather and begin enjoying the warm summer sun. We might celebrate summertime in many different ways, but if you decide to celebrate it with a Hawaiian shirt, you should never do it alone.

Thanks to the Pablo and Co Boutique Etsy shop, you now have the ability to enjoy your summer in style with your furry best friend. That shop is offering matching summer outfits for humans and their little dogs. It’s something that no dog owner is going to want to be without.

PEOPLE reports that Pablo and Co Boutique Etsy is a retailer out of Australia that offers a number of matching outfits for our pets. If you take a look around their Etsy store, you are sure to find something that is absolutely perfect for your little friend.

Perhaps you might like the stylish collar and leashes or the fun harnesses that will help to keep your dog safe in style. They also offer a range of bandannas and bowties that will add to their style as well. Everything that you see on their website will be perfect for your little dog, but there is one area of the store that tops them all. It is the part that offers the matching Hawaiian shirts for dogs and their humans.

It doesn’t take much thinking to realize why there are so many five-star reviews for these matching Hawaiian shirts. Not only are they comfortable looking, they are colorful outfits that come in different designs. For now, you have two designs to choose from that match for humans and the four-legged friends in their life.

If you don’t mind wearing pink, then the alligator print is the option you may want to consider. What could be better than cartoon alligators when you are out enjoying the summer sun?

Pablo and Co also have a banana print shirt in yellow and white. I dare you to look at it and not add it to the basket! After all, they call it bananas for a reason! Imagine showing up to a barbecue with this matching shirt.

Twinning is in and when you’re able to do it with your dog, it gets even better.

Other Hawaiian shirt options are available for the dog in your life. You may not be able to have a matching shirt in those options, but it’s still a lot of fun to let your dog enjoy the summer in style.

Those options are available for about $28 each. The best part of it is, everyone will know how much you love your dog!

The Hawaiian shirts are well worth considering but don’t forget that you will pay separately for the human and dog outfits. The human-size T-shirts can cost up to $50 and the shirts for your dog cost up to $31.

Sure, it may be more than buying a T-shirt at Walmart but then again, you aren’t going to find these in your local area!

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