This Company Makes Uncomfortably Realistic Masks of Your Own Pet’s Face

Those of us who truly love our pets will stop at nothing to let them know how much we care about them….even if that means making ourselves look silly in the process.

To that end, there is one special company that has created an interesting product. This is the sort of product that is going to make even the most dedicated pet owners look at you like you are a crazy person.

So what is this product and why is it so insane? For starters, we are unsure of what the actual purpose is. Secondly, we do not even understand why it would be a thing.

We are just going to have to take people’s word for it that this is something they want. There are bound to be lots of arguments about this one. We are sure that the peanut gallery cannot wait to embrace the debate.

The newest craze that has pet owners shelling out more than they should is a simple one in theory: masks that they can place over their faces that look just like their pet’s.

We understand that this is a thing but why is it a thing? We cannot figure it out for the life of us. What is the appeal here? What is the endgame? To terrify our pets?

These masks are about as scary as it gets and we would never want to subject our pets to it. Maybe the pets that these owners are buying the masks really like them for all we know.

Maybe we should just bite the bullet and buy our own so that we can find out for ourselves. All we know for sure right now is that these masks are scaring the bejesus out of us.

The product line is even called My Family, which only serves to add to the creepiness. There is a great deal of work that goes into these and we guess that we respect the craftsmanship.

It is not every day that you get to see someone look just like their pet. We wonder how these pets react when they see their owners for the first time, too.

It must be a sight to behold. We guess that we should ease up on these people. Everyone has their own strange hobbies, we suppose. If you are thinking about buying one, we urge you to talk it over with your pet first.

There are also a wide range of other animal masks available if you are looking to bring the terror to a whole new level. These are definitely going to be a popular part next Halloween!

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