Woman Is Selling Her $1.3 Million Dollar Lakefront Mansion For Only $25 – But There’s A Catch

We often hear about things that are ‘too good to be true’ and if you heard about buying a mansion worth over $1 million for only $25, it would certainly fall into that category.

You might think it is similar to one of those emails you get from some Prince that wants to give you several million dollars. All you need to do is provide your financial information. Sound familiar?

The difference between that email and the $25 mansion is the fact that the mansion is quite real. It comes from Alla Wagner, a Canadian woman who is going to make somebody’s dream come true.

Wagner started living in the massive property in 2011. As a result of health problems that recently surfaced, she must move.

The home was listed for $1.27 million but she wasn’t getting any action on the sale. That is when she came up with an interesting solution.

Wagner thought back to a 2015 contest that would allow one lucky winner to walk away with an inn in Maine. She was inspired and decided to give away her waterfront property, including the 5,000 square-foot house.

This isn’t a competition that you may have considered before. In order to even have an opportunity to win the Alberta, Canada mansion, you will need to fork over $20 and write a few words.

You will have to submit an essay to enter the “Write a Letter, Win a House” contest. It can’t be over 350 words and you will have to answer the question, “Why would moving to this lakefront dream home change your life?”

Wagner is not moving out of her house because she doesn’t care for it. In fact, she absolutely loves it but circumstances with her health are causing her to move. She is in her 50s and she loves the three-bedroom home so she wants to ensure that anybody who moves into it will love it just as much. Even though you are only paying $20 for the home, it will still cost about $600 in maintenance every month.

“This way it will not be difficult for very creative and truly deserving people to come up with the fee,” she wrote in the Facebook post announcing the contest.

There will be 500 finalists chosen from among all of the entries and then a panel of judges will look through the information they provided to choose a winner. There is also another catch.

In order for the contest to continue, the entry fees are going to have to cover the cost of the house. This must take place within the three months allotted for the contest. If enough entries are not provided, the giveaway will be extended to, at the most, six months and then it may be canceled.

The house will also remain on the market so if it sells or if she dies before April 5, the program will be deleted.

The property is in a small community so, in order to not disturb the neighbors, Wagner asks that you discover more about the property through pictures.

Look down through the photos below and you can see the rest of the rooms. It includes three bathrooms, two half baths, a wine cellar, and beautiful mountain views.

Anybody can enter the contest. If you have been looking for a new life and your own Canadian paradise, it’s time to start writing.

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